Jack of All Lanterns


















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Pre-Production Lighting Check

20 September 2021
The Harvest Full Moon

A Tidy Location

Lights Gather to Create Ambiance

The Harvest Moon Adds to the Ambiance


Scouting the Marana Pumpkin Patch for a Drone Shot

29 September 2021

Acres and Acres of Pumpkins

Avai, Director, Gets His Bearings

Producer Lesley Lillywhile, Laura Cortelyou of the Marana Film Office

A Bug Provides Coverage

Laura is Film Office Friendly

Almost Ready, Jack!

Not All Pumpkins Are Orange

Pumpkin Plethora

Shots for the Credit Roll

Only the Shadows Know What Lurks in This Film

Pumpkin Patch Drone Filming

6 October 2021

Our Spy in the Sky

I Command You To Fly

Steady As You Go

GPS Says It's Not Been Abducted

Operation Pumpkin Patch

October Sunset in Marana, Arizona

I'm Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille