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The Film Shoot

20 October 2021
The Hunter's Full Moon

This is The Place!

Lesley Lillywhite (Executive Producer), Sophia Rubin (2nd AC), Brianna Fogelson (Core)

Stephen Huffman (2nd Camera), Avia d'Amico (Director, DP, Producer), Joel Foster (Peter)

Lesley Cessna-Kontowicz (Script Supervisor) & Lesley Lillywhite (EP, Location)

Of Course I Know How to Carve a Pumpkin

Oh, So That's How You Want Me to Play It.

Peter Rehearses to Core's Amusement

Yes, I Made That Wish

Get This Right, Pal

Was a Spell Cast Upon Our Cast and Crew?

Good, They're Back

Drone Shot For Visual Effects

Peter (Joel Foster) Appeals to the Forces Above

Sophia Gives Us the Perfect Slate

The Scripty Sees

Scripty's Work Very Hard

Core Clears Her Throat

Color Check

Stephen and Avai on Cameras, Daniel Gonzales on Sound

A Tight, Focused Cast & Crew

Peter and Core Line Up Intentions

Brianna Fogelson as "Core"

Peter's Profile... Not So Much of Courage

Magic Mischief About to Manifest: Peter (Joel Foster) & Core (Brianna Fogelson)

Core is Truly Classic

Core Contemplates Her Role in Peter's Fate

See You All at Film Festivals!!